Lana Helena Hulenić is a London based Academic actress, art model,
freelance writer, founder, and main artistic director and producer on - Art as a lifestyle (started in 2010).
Her inspiration is predominantly found in art and literature.


'Beauty is a thought. A feeling.
These two transform the way we interpret whatever we observe.'
                                                                                  Lana Helena



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* Some photos are cropped due to portfolio measurements

* I'm not a smoker


Artistic direction, complete visual, inspiration and model: Lana Helena Hulenić
Credits/Photographers: Karmen Poznić,Toni Mijač,Ognjen Karabegović,Marko Đuran,Marina Paulenka,Alba Suarez,Izabela Cern,Nedd Ortega, The Meyer Studio,Marissa Charles...