"This is my place with no boundaries or limits, just whatever I wish to be at any moment in time..."

What a great sentence to describe everything in just a few words.
But descriptions, all though not unimportant, are not the main reason why I decide to introduce Kizzy. It s her courage. The kind of courage which I admire the most, the courage to say to the world: Yes, I am a woman and I choose my own destiny! Yes, I quit working (job that I mostly dislike) because I decided to be at home! Yes, I want to be fulltime mother and wife! Yes, I love art and I want to spend my time discovering and sharing thing that I love, and consider it equivalent to any other job in the world!
It doesn t matter what kind of decision we make, what kind of (strange?) jobs we decited to do, what kind of (strange?) relationships we decided to be in, what kind of strange peronalities we love as our dear friends (Oh! What a joy when you meet some new and interesting/special people, twisted minded, conventions free people, people who know how to dream – such a rare thing, such a plesure!), do we choose to have, or not to have our own children, or we maybe choose to be a mother later than our society force us to be, or maybe enjoying to love and be loved without a paper…as long as we have courage to say Yes! to all those things on which our society (still!) looking reproachful.
Kizzy said Yes!
And so I decided to ask her three questions so she can speak for herself and be inspiration to other woman who will read this post all over the world.
Thank you Kizzy.

(at the end of this post there is a link to her blog)


Lana Helena:

1. If you could choose one history area to live in, what it would be and why?

2. How did you decide to have blog?

Is it a form (internet) which you consider the best to express your self, and the things you love, enjoy and share?

3. You keep your family away from public (and it is very good decision).
Anyway, did being a mother and wife change your perspective in any particular way?


1. Oooh..this is a very hard question to answer, as I really love so many eras of history. But, I think I will choose the Art Nouveau era (popular during 1890-1910). I just loved the explosion of art based on nature, the shapes and forms it took on across the world. I fall in love with it again and again. But, there are so many other times that I would have loved to see like the 1920's. Though, I am glad that I live in this era, as life for women or those of colour weren't great, we have come a long way since then even if things aren't perfect.


2. I read blogs for a long time before deciding to create one myself. But, I liked having a platform that gave you the opportunity to express and share the things you love and find others who love those things to, who you might not have met otherwise. It's a wonderful way to be creative and share things. And show the world who you are. I think maybe it's the best way to express & have that expression be seen by millions of people around the world. Though, having one on one contact is better, because it's tangible and you can see another's expressions as you talk, whereas online you can't. So, the internet has it's great positives and negatives for expression.


3. Yes, it's very important to keep my family or daughters away from my blog because they are so young still and though we may make friends through our blogs, not everyone who views your blog is your friend, so I keep them away from my blog. Becoming a mother & wife did indeed change my perspective on a lot of things. There is so much that is expected from you, that you tend not to understand when your on your own. My view on life and my purpose in life changed, it's lovely to be needed the way a mother is needed by her children or the way a husband needs his wife, it brightens lonely days or feelings. The way the world treats mothers or wives is not always a positive thing though that I've learned, if you stay at home, you are seen as lazy or weak for giving up your rights to work or if you work then you are told that you're not a good mother because you leave your children with people and should be at home. So, it's hard for many mothers..we have to do what is best for ourselves. I stay home because I take care of my children, but it doesn't stop me from working in other ways or expressing in other ways, which is why my blog is great. Becoming a mother has given me that sense of independence that pushes me to do what I want to do and not what others say I must do or what society expects of me. Before I would have worked and worked in a job that I most likely disliked, but since becoming a mother it has opened up a whole new confidence and strength to be who I wish to be and teach my daughters to do the same. I always try to encourage all my friends that are female to always do as your heart wishes, follow your dreams and never let anyone stop you from expressing yourself. It's why my big love is art, you can be as expressive as you wish and no one has to understand it, just you.


Her blog - HERE