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Placed in Fortuny Palazzo

“Personality is needed. There is too much sameness.
The world seems to have only a desire for more of this sameness.
To be different is to be alone.
I do not like what is average.
So I am alone.”

Marchesa Luisa Casati



The eyes of Marchesa Luisa Casati glittered from the effects of eyedrops laced with belladona, a toxic hallucinogen. It seems only fitting. Her contemporaries often describe their first sighting of this otherworldly creature as something from a dream, a nightmare. Her spirit and imagination were expressed in pure sartorial anarchy. The eternal muse, her story has been handed down in a legacy of portraiture; her image was her voice, recorded by the top painters, photographers and sculptors of her time.

But her alchemy was much more complex, producing many other marvels. By what fire did she transmute the substance of her life into the beauties of such moving power? She demonstrated how true it is that all enchantment is a madness induced with art. But what was the real essence of this creature? Was she aware of her continuous metamorphosis, or was she impenetrable to herself, excluded from her own mystery?
– Gabriele D’Annunzio

The enormous agate-black eyes seemed to be eating her thin face. Again she was a vision, a mad vision, surrounded as usual by her black and white greyhounds and a host of charming and utterly useless ornaments. But curiously enough she did not look unnatural.

Venice, february 2015.


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